Tuchyn Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Site address
The cemetery is located at the southern end of the village, on the land of the tractor brigade. Starting on the main road, turn East at the intersection with the road leading to the local Culture House and continue for 230 metres. The cemetery can be found on the right side of the road.
GPS coordinates
50.699578, 26.573682
Perimeter length
364 metres
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
No fence
Preservation condition
Unfenced Jewish cemetery
General site condition
The majority of the cemetery was demolished but a few inscribed tombstone fragments were found on the site. The territory is somewhat overgrown with bushes and tall grass. Clearance and fencing are required.
Number of existing gravestones
2. There is one more tombstone near the mass grave, roughly 150 metres from the cemetery site.
Date of oldest tombstone
The only found date is 1917
Date of newest tombstone
Urgency of erecting a fence
Land ownership
Property of local community
Preserved construction on site
150 metres from the cemetery is a mass grave dedicated to the Holocaust victims who rebelled in the Tuchyn ghetto in September, 1942. The memorial is located next to the R77 motorway, and is surrounded by a low concrete wall with metal gates.
Drone surveys

Historical overview

The exact period of the cemetery’s establishment is unknown. The oldest preserved tombstone dates to the early 20th century so it can be assumed that the cemetery already existed during that period. The cemetery was also mentioned in Yizkor’s memorial book of Tuchyn issued in 1990 and marked on its map.
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