Fencing Jewish cemeteries

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About the project

The first task of cemetery preservation is to establish the fact of a jewish cemetery, not only in the historical record, but as a physical existence on site. By demarcating the historical boundaries of the cemetery, the ESJF asserts its sanctity and the need to preserve it, free from desecration or destruction.

Physical demarcation, or as we call it fencing, is much more than whether the fence is stone, concrete, wood or metal. The site now returns to its initial purpose, a place of sanctity and of memory and a record not only of centuries of Jewish community life but also of the destruction of these communities in the Shoah.

The ESJF seeks to fence and protect as many sites as possible, utilising our resources in the most efficient way possible, ensuring swift construction of the fencing and abiding by the strictest halachic and engineering standards.