Ukrainian society is polyethnic and multicultural. All the nations residing on the territory of the state – Ukrainians, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Russians, Armenians, Jews and many other national societies and minorities – participate in formation of cultural, political, historic and social space of Ukraine. That is why history of Jewish towns, communities, history of Holocaust are not only a part not only of Jewish nation, but also an integral part of Ukrainian history. Understanding of Jewish impact to life of a certain town will help to form careful attitude to artefacts of its culture and architecture both in a certain town and in country in general, will help to set intercultural and interfaith dialogue.

Pupils of comprehensive schools are those who are to preserve and maintain the historical memory of the nation. The main task of adults is to give them this memory, instill in children an interest to the history of their region and their country. Instilling in children an ability to keep the dialogue, to perceive and accept people of the different culture and different traditions, to understand the equality of rights and duties of all the members of the society independent of their national, ethnic, religious belonging – we build healthy, educated and civilized society which will ensure peaceful future for all the citizens of Ukraine.

Instill in pupils of comprehensive schools respect to memory of Jewish community, which resided on the territory of the city and of Ukraine. Sensitize pupils to intercultural and interethnic dialogue; prevent anti-Semitism displays and vandalism acts in relation to cultural monuments and heritage of Jewish nation.

  •  Introduce to children Jewish community, which lived in the town. To tell about its origin, development, people’s destiny in times of Holocaust and after it, about participation of non-Jews in saving Jewish people.
  •  To find ties between Jewish and local communities.
  •  Breed in children respect to remaining Jewish monuments and understanding of the fact, that preservation of cemeteries is preservation of memory about the nation.
  •  Giving in comprehensive schools in towns of Rivne region of lessons for learning of town’s Jewish community’s history and consequences of Holocaust for the community. Learning of Jewish cemetery as it’s being a unique place, which has preserved memory on community.
  • 1 lesson (45 minutes) in each of 9 schools. Visit to cemetery – 1 hour
  •  Excursion to Rivne with visiting of religious establishments of leading confessions, acting on the territory of Rivne region (Roman Catholic church, Orthodox church, synagogue).
  • 2-3 hours
  •  Summarization, making posters, stands, presentations. 1 lesson in each school
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