Skarzysko Kamienna Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship
Skarżysko Kamenna
Site address
The Jewish cemetery is located adjacent to the municipal cemetery at 17, Langiewicza Street, the Jewish section is near 44, Głogowa Street. The entrance is on Głogowa Street.
GPS coordinates
51.121462, 20.920398
Perimeter length
171 metres
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
The preserved part is fenced with a metal mesh fence about 1,6 meter high. There are two entrances to the area from the area of the municipal cemetery.
Preservation condition
Fenced and protected Jewish cemetery
General site condition
The cemetery area has been preserved in a small area only. The majority of it was transformed into a municipal cemetery in the mid-1960s. From over 1 hectare of land, the Jewish cemetery now covers just over 1000 m2. About 49 tombstones have been preserved in the remaining area, some of which have been overturned. The cemetery area is well-kept and fenced.
Number of existing gravestones
Date of oldest tombstone
Date of newest tombstone
Urgency of erecting a fence
Fence is not needed
Land ownership
Property of local community
Preserved construction on site
There are also a few tombstones here, erected after the liberation by the families of the Holocaust victims, including the matzevah of Zelig and Lea Warszauer, murdered in the Hasag camp.
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