Prymorsk Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Site address
The Jewish section was located opposite the house at No.50 Gagarin Street.
GPS coordinates
46.74201, 36.34061
Perimeter length
The perimeter could not be recognized. Nothing remained of the Jewish sector.
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
The cemetery is completely fenced.
Preservation condition
Demolished and overbuilt Jewish cemetery
General site condition
The Jewish sector was demolished and turned into a Christian cemetery. A local Woman, Totya Masha, remembers the Jewish section. She stated that it was demolished in the 1960’s or 1970’s. The cemetery was originally divided into 4 sections: Christian, German, Armenian and Jewish. Now only the Christian section remains. A local architect was involved in the demolition of the Jewish section and he was taken to court over it. He has since died.
Number of existing gravestones
No tombstones preserved.
Date of oldest tombstone
Date of newest tombstone
Urgency of erecting a fence
Fence is not needed
Land ownership
Preserved construction on site
Drone surveys

Historical overview

The exact period of the cemetery’s establishment is unknown. According to locals, the sector was demolished around the 1960s-1970s. A Christian cemetery was laid down on the site.

Prymors’k (Ukr. Приморськ, Rus. Приморск, until 1964 Nohaisk, Ukr. Ногайськ, Rus. Ногайск) had a Jewish congregation in 1847. There were 508 Jews (13% of the total population) in the town in 1897 and 103 in 1939. During the German occupation, about 200 Jews from the town and the nearby areas were murdered in November 1941. According to the 2001 census, there were a few Jews (<10) in Prymors’k and the neighbouring areas.

It is not known when the cemetery was founded. The cemetery used to have a Jewish section, which was demolished in the 1960’s or 1970’s. The land is now used for non-Jewish burials.