Ofeherto Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Site address
The Jewish cemetery is located next to the municipal cemetery. The entrance is at the intersection of Magyi, Leveleki and Alkotmány streets.
GPS coordinates
47.93925, 22.02868
Perimeter length
167 metres
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
There is a concrete fence, about 2m high.
Preservation condition
Fenced and protected Jewish cemetery
General site condition
The cemetery is closed and well maintained. There are 4 annual grass cuttings.
Number of existing gravestones
31. The tombstones are largely covered with mould, and most of the dates are illegible. Some tombstones look like they were erected in the 1st half of the 19th century.
Date of oldest tombstone
Date of newest tombstone
Urgency of erecting a fence
Fence is not needed
Land ownership
Preserved construction on site
Drone surveys

Historical overview

The Jewish cemetery of Ófehértó was established as early as 1857, since the oldest tombstone found in this cemetery dates to that year. The latest tombstone was erected in 1944. The cemetery was fenced in 1988 by a descendant of Ófehértó Jews and is currently maintained by the Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries.

In 1840, 38 Jews lived in the village, later increasing to 82 in 1880. After the turn of the century, the Jewish community population continued to grow, totalling 143 Jews in 1920. The community was never independent, first belonging to the Nagykálló Jewish community and later, in 1885, to the Kemecse Jewish community. They had a synagogue from the beginning of 19th century. 15 young Jews enlisted for forced labour around 1941. On the night of April 14, 1944, the Hungarian authorities drove the local Jewry to the Nyiregyháza Ghetto on foot, from where they were deported to Auschwitz.