Novopavlivka Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Site address
The cemetery is located in the backyard of the house 32, Stepova Street.
GPS coordinates
47.65841, 30.56226
Perimeter length
268 metres
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
No fence
Preservation condition
Demolished Jewish cemetery that has not been built over
General site condition
The cemetery site is located on what used to be a field and is now a wasteland.
Number of existing gravestones
There is still one gravestone base remaining.
Date of oldest tombstone
Date of newest tombstone
Urgency of erecting a fence
Land ownership
Preserved construction on site
Drone surveys

Historical overview

The cemetery is marked on Russian topographic maps from 1917, but does not appear on maps of 1941. The cemetery was demolished during WWII or post-war under the Soviet administration. A neighbour remembers that his grandmother told him about this cemetery, It had two sections, one for women and one for men. Today, the cemetery site is divided into two parts by a ditch.

Little is known about the Jewish community of Novopavlivka. In 1897, 953 Jews (60% of the total population) were living in the town. In 1926, the Jewish population numbered 934. In August 1941, Wehrmacht troops occupied Novopavlivka. One part of the Jewish community was executed in September 1941, while the remaining Jews were expelled to the labour camp of Bolshaya Vradievka.

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