Haysyn New Jewish Cemetery

Cemetery Information

Site address
Starting on Ivan Bohum Street at the western exit of Haysyn in the direction of Nimirov, head northwest for 800 metres. The cemetery is located at a fork in the road.
GPS coordinates
48.82514, 29.35194
Perimeter length
615 metres
Is the cemetery demolished
Type and height of existing fence
A 1.5 metre tall iron fence runs along the front face of the cemetery and extends a little onto the sides. The back and sides of the cemetery are predominantly unfenced, but a moat is visible around the perimeter.
Preservation condition
Fenced and protected Jewish cemetery
General site condition
The cemetery is well-maintained. There is no fence on the back border of the cemetery, but its two sides are partially fenced. According to a local historian, stones transferred from the old cemetery are located on the left side of the new cemetery. The historian also indicated that the cemetery was founded around 1962-1964. It is still in use.
Number of existing gravestones
Approximately 3,000.
Date of oldest tombstone
1922 (the earliest tombstone found ESJF).
Date of newest tombstone
2018 (the latest tombstone found ESJF).
Urgency of erecting a fence
Land ownership
Preserved construction on site
There is a ruined pre-burial house.
Drone surveys

Historical overview

According to the local historian, the cemetery was founded around 1962-1964. The pre-war tombstones on the site were transferred here from the Old Cemetery.

The exact period of the cemetery’s establishment is unknown. However it is known to be post WWII According to a local historian, the cemetery was founded around 1962-1964, and around 100 gravestones were transferred from the old cemetery to the new cemetery. The oldest preserved gravestones date to 1922, and the newest to 2018. There are around 3,000 gravestones and a ruined pre-burial house on the territory of the cemetery.


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