March 24, 2020

Lviv Students Complete Technical Training

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) continues its educational outreach in Ukraine.

On February 20, Students gathered at Lviv Polytechnic University to learn about the ESJF’s cultural heritage preservation work from both a historian’s and a technologist’s perspective.

ESJF’s Olena Andronatiy introduced students to the project, providing an overview of ESJF’s mission, methods, and results so far — and more importantly, how Ukraine’s Jewish heritage remains relevant today.

Afterwards, participants were able to dive into the technology that is instrumental in the ESJF’s preservation work. Tatiana Kondratenko, one of Ukraine’s foremost experts on drones, gave a demonstration on the applications of drones in historical site preservation. Those with a more technical background had the chance to attend hands-on trainings with the specific software and piloting techniques used in historical preservation work. This is a crucial part of the ESJF’s mission, which is not only to preserve Jewish heritage in Europe, but also to promote the use of the best new technologies in heritage preservation.

The event finished off with a healthy and tasty meal at Vega Room, one of Lviv’s best known vegan restaurants.

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