Final project report has been published!

The final report from our project, Protecting Jewish Cemeteries: Continuation of the mapping process, stakeholders’ involvement and awareness-raising, is now available. This report was made under funding from the European Commission.

Building on our first pilot project, the ESJF and its consortium partners Centropa and Foundation for Jewish Heritage developed a comprehensive survey that mapped, carried out historical research, and built an open-access database for 3,000+ Jewish cemeteries in Europe. In our research, we found and mapped cemeteries that did not exist on previous lists, and raised awareness of these cemeteries through in-person and online events.

We liaised with local and regional authorities and piloted a series of educational programmes that engaged hundreds of participants. Extensive publications looked at best practices including the application of technology in cemetery preservation, sustainability in heritage preservation, and tourism development, while professional guides were produced for teachers, tour guides and surveyors.

We are proud to say that we accomplished all of this and more despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible.

To read the final report

Final project report has been published! Final project report has been published! Final project report has been published!