Masterclasses for Engaged Leaders

Following the great success of our masterclasses in Moldova, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine under our EU grant for preserving Jewish cemeteries, the ESJF will host two more Masterclasses for Engaged Leaders this spring in Slovakia (in person) and Lithuania (online).

During our upcoming Masterclasses, local and regional authorities will be invited to send representatives to discuss Jewish cemeteries as a unique part of European cultural heritage, share experiences of preserving Jewish cemeteries and possible projects to ensure their preservation.

The programme and lectures of every masterclass are tailored to the needs and history of the particular country. Moreover, although they share some topics, such as deciphering tombstones of Jewish graves, each event is unique in its focus and design, reflecting the challenges and current issues identified by the consortium during our long-term engagement. Local partners and stakeholders are always consulted in the inception phase of the masterclass, so that each of them delivers the most relevant knowledge possible.

If you would like to be involved in our masterclasses, get in touch with our EU Project Manager, Klara Vlahčević Lisinski at

Stay tuned for more information.

Masterclasses for Engaged Leaders