ESJF Carries Out Drone Training Course for University Students in Greece

ESJF is pleased to announce the completion of its educational outreach programme in Greece, with the conclusion of our technical course on the applications of 3D modelling and drone technology in Jewish cemetery preservation, which ran from April 15th and comes to a close today.

Aimed at architecture and engineering students, the course was comprised primarily of a series of educational videos produced in conjunction with Drone.UA. These introduced students to ESJF’s protection work, the Jewish history of Greece, and the way UAV technology fits into cemetery preservation work, with comprehensive technical presentations by Tetyana Kondratenko of Drone.UA.

The course also includes a recorded webinar, with discussions led by Tetyana, along with ESJF’s Project Manager Diána Vonnák, and our Educational Projects Officer, Dr Alexandra Fishel. Overall, 100 individuals registered for the course, 40 viewed the videos, and 25 attended the webinar live.

Given the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ESJF needed to respond quickly in order for our educational programmes to still go ahead. However, thanks to the efforts of our staff, as well as Tetyana and Drone.UA, this event has proven to be a uniquely successful, versatile educational experience for all those who took part, with feedback thus far being universally positive.

Well done to everyone involved!