ESJF to Launch Online Drone Seminars in May 2020

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative is launching an online course on the applications of UAVs and photogrammetric modeling in heritage protection projects. The course is open to all who are interested, but a science, engineering, architecture, or other technical background is recommended.

Surveys and photogrammetry are among the core areas of expertise at the ESJF, which has developed a training package that teaches the cutting edge UAV and 3D modeling technology we deploy. Beyond the technical training, they are given an introduction to Jewish history and heritage, and specifically the significance of cemeteries for Jewish life. Our first pilot outreach program was successfully run in two Ukrainian higher education institutions earlier this year.

Due to the pandemic, we abandoned plans to arrange similar events in Greece, but we would like to instead deliver the training online, allowing students to join in from the comfort of their homes. Specific topics covered will include:

  • Where drones can be used and their value in comparison to traditional methods of data acquisition.
  • When and where to use different UAV types (quadrocopter, fixed-wing drones, VTOL drones, etc).
  • Data processing, and photogrammetric modeling.
  • Drone applications in heritage preservation and other fields such as construction, mining, forestry, oil and gas, and more.

The course will be available in May. Those interested can sign up here.