May 7, 2019

ESJF signs agreement with Lithuanian Jewish community for mass surveys of Jewish cemeteries

The ESJF is delighted to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Lithuanian Jewish community (Lietuvos žydų bendruomenė). ESJF Chief Executive Philip Carmel signed the agreement with Faina Kukliansky, President of the Lithuanian Jewish community, during the Kyiv Jewish Forum on 6 May.

The agreement will see the surveying of around 100 Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania this year as part of the EU co-funded project of mass drone surveys, that is taking place this year in five European countries. Lithuania is the last of these five countries: surveys are largely finished in Moldova and Greece, and they are underway in Slovakia and Ukraine. With the agreement, we will start working with our Lithuanian partners immediately, and negotiate the details of the process. We are very much looking forward to starting this joint venture!

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