August 18, 2020

ESJF Consortium Invites Tenders for Historical Overviews

ESJF, Centropa, and the Foundation for Jewish Heritage are pleased to announce an invitation to tender for a key part of our EU-funded Pilot Project, Protecting the Jewish Cemeteries of Europe: A Continuation of the Mapping Process. The pilot will involve detailed ground and drone surveys of 1,700 Jewish cemeteries across seven countries (Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine), for addition to our extensive, open-access database of Jewish cemeteries. The project collects GPS coordinates, information on ownership, and visual documentation, producing a taxonomy dividing cemeteries into categories according to the level of threat they experience and the urgency of protection.

In conducting this further mapping work, historical overviews are required to accompany each new database entry. These overviews should consist of several paragraphs briefly outlining the history of the cemetery itself and the local Jewish community, as well as noting significant events or personages. These entries should be written in English for a broad readership, but should adhere to the standards of accuracy of scientific work. There are expected to be 1,700 sites to write up across the seven project countries.

The consortium is seeking to recruit an organisation or individuals to carry out this work. Ideally, this one body will cover the overviews from all seven countries. However, we are willing to entertain applications for specific countries.

The tender should include the following:
● the relevant credentials of the submitting organisation
● the individuals who will carry out the work and their suitability (including CVs)
● an explanation of how the assignment will be carried out and what sources will be used (2-3 pages)
● a summary plan indicating the phases of the assignment, individual deliveries, the division of labour, etc.
● a fully costed breakdown of the assignment

Tender submissions should be sent via email to:
Michael Mail
and to:

For further information, please contact:
Diana Vonnak

Read the full invitation to tender here.

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