May 21, 2019

Website for 2019-20 ESJF surveys launched

As part of the project co-funded by the EU Commission, ESJF is currently surveying 1,500 Jewish cemetery sites in Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine. ESJF is proud to announce the launch of the website dedicated to this project, accessible at

On the website, visitors can find more information on the ESJF survey project. Under the title “Protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe: a full mapping process with research and monitoring and individual costed proposals for protection”, it will run from 2019 until 2020. One of the main outputs of the ongoing project is the open source, free-to-all database, which collects information on the ESJF-surveyed cemetery sites in the five project countries. Each cemetery is listed with GPS coordinates and instructions on how to access it (particularly important for cemeteries that are unlisted or hard to find). Photos, a perimeter map, as well as a detailed description offer an overview of the physical condition of the cemetery. When available, 360 degree views of the cemeteries, taken by our drones, are added to show the site from above.

The database is constantly expanding, updated regularly with new sites and historical background information.

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