April 24, 2017

Ukrainian mayors mobilize to protect Jewish cemeteries

Today in Kyiv, a copy of the official letter signed by the Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klitschko in his capacity of Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Cities and the All-Ukrainian Association of Local Self-Government Bodies was handed over to ESJF Technical Officer Ihor Trahienko at Kyiv City Hall. The letter has been circulated around mayors and local authorities across Ukraine, asking them to assist the ESJF in working to protect the Jewish cemeteries under their jurisdiction.

Next week, the ESJF begins a vast operation of surveys and monitoring over an estimated 1,500-2,000 sites to create the first ever comprehensive and up-to-date repository of Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine. The surveying process will be supported by a research team checking the historical records of Ukraine’s Jewish communities, most of which were wiped out in the Shoah. We are very grateful for the support of Mayor Klitschko and the Association in what will be a major contribution to the protection of Jewish heritage in Ukraine.

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