August 28, 2018

The rededication of the new fencing project of Lyubavichi (Lubavitch)

This Sunday, ESJF Chairman Rabbi Isaac Schapira, CEO Philip Carmel, and FSU Projects Officer Yana Yanover attended the dedication of the new fencing project at the Jewish Cemetery of Lyubavichi (Lubavitch) in the Rudnya region of Smolensk oblast, Russian Federation.

This project was made possible through a generous donation from Mr. Joseph Popack of the USA and the involvement of the Geder Avos Jewish Heritage Group under the direction of our dear colleague Rabbi Moshe Rubin.

Leaders and rabbis of the Chabad movement from the US and Israel attended the event.

We are very grateful to everyone who helped prepare and host this wonderful ceremony, as well as to all those who so kindly hosted in Moscow over Shabbat.

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