April 14, 2022

The ESJF’s Educational Project Officer, Alexandra Fishel, speaks at event about the work that she left behind in Ukraine as an educator

Yesterday ESJF’s Educational Project Officer, Alexandra Fishel, alongside her husband and newly born baby, spoke at an event organised by the Mémorial de la Shoah on Ukrainian Jews past and present. During the event, she shared her position as a refugee and the work that she left behind in Ukraine as an educator.

Throughout her time at the ESJF, Alexandra has reached a large amount of people and immensely contributed to the preservation of Jewish heritage in Ukraine. She has worked on local engagement projects, led seminars for secondary school students, teachers, local historians and activists and produced publications on various topics such as Surveying and Modelling Jewish Heritage Sites. She plans to continue her work in the years to come, be it outside, or hopefully back in Ukraine.

We are incredibly proud of Alexandra’s work as well as the rest of our Ukrainian team members. We stand by you all in these difficult times and hope for the restoration of peace.

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