June 16, 2022

The ESJF’s Chief Executive Officer, Philip Carmel meets with UZZNO, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Slovakia

Last week the ESJF’s Chief Executive Officer, Philip Carmel, met with the president and executive director of UZZNO, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Slovakia, Richard Duda and Martin Kornfeld, to discuss the potential of fencing Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia.

Our EU funded national survey in Slovakia conducted between 2019-2021 revealed that 35% of Jewish cemeteries remain unfenced and 6.5 % have been demolished but not overbuilt. In other words, 42% of Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia require urgent protection. Until now the ESJF has only fenced two cemeteries in Slovakia. We are therefore eager to get work started as soon as possible. We are also looking forward to further cooperation with our partners in UZZNO.

The Trnava Jewish Cemetery located in the northeast of Bratislava, Slovakia.

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