May 13, 2022

The ESJF visits Krasnopol, Poland for educational event under German funding

The sixth stop on the education tour across Poland funded by the Auswärtiges Amt was the Krasnopol Jewish cemetery, which is located in North-East Poland. Krasnopol was home to a Jewish community between the 18th century and World War II. During the war the cemetery was largely destroyed leaving only a few tombstones. The ESJF protected the cemetery in 2016 with the help of our partner Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland – FODŻ.

At the educational event, Yulia Oreshina, Associate Professor at the Georgian American University spoke to the local community about the importance of preserving Jewish cemeteries which are important heritage sites. Following this, the participants looked around the Jewish cemetery as well as the building of a former synagogue.

The event was co-organised by the local administration Gmina Krasnopol and the local cultural centre Gminne Centrum Czytelnictwa i Kultury w Krasnopolu. Thank you for supporting us in highlighting the importance of preserving local Jewish cemeteries. We also would like to thank Aleksandra Stankiewicz from the local administration, Yulia and Alexandra Fishel in particular for supporting the organisation of this event!

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