May 18, 2022

The ESJF completes 22 Rabbinical surveys across Hungary in preparation for fencing

This week Rabbinical surveys led by Rabbi Moshe Herschaft from the CPJCE took place in Hungary. 22 Jewish cemeteries were visited including the Buj, Ramocsahaza, Rohod, Tornyospalca, Gemzse, Gulacs, Fulesd, Penyige, Ura, Laskod, Papos, Nabrad, Gsaszlo, Nagyhodos, Encsencs, Nyirlugos, Nyrkata, Kallosemjen, Szekely, Szakoly, Hajduszovat and Sarretudvari Jewish cemeteries. We hope to fence these sites in the near future.

This work would have not been possible without the cooperation of the Association of Jewish Communities in Hungary, MAZSIHISZ-Magyarországi Zsidó Hitközségek Szövetsége, who are the legal owners of the majority of Jewish cemeteries in Hungary. By providing the ESJF with information about the cemeteries and supporting the logistics of our trip, MAZSIHISZ have helped us immensely to move forward in our mission to protect Hungarian Jewish cemeteries.

We would like to thank Rabbi Moshe Herschaft as well as MAZSIHISZ for their support. We look forward to close cooperation in the future.

Pictures are from the Rohod Jewish cemetery which has 39 gravestones, the oldest dating back to 1882.

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