June 30, 2017

Rededication ceremony held at the Jewish Cemetery of Lypcha

A ceremony of rededication was held on Wednesday at the Jewish cemetery in Lypcha in Zakarpatia oblast, SW Ukraine. The ESJF completed fencing at the site last year. Fencing at this site was particularly challenging with the cemetery located on a very steep and forested hillside. Our very sincere gratitude to Mayor Yuriy Maleta and all the residents of Lypcha for their longstanding preservation of this site and for the wonderful hospitality they provided us during our visit. We were also very honoured by the presence of Mr. Gabriel Nicola, Consul in Zakarpatia of the Republic of Romania, who addressed the gathering alongside Mayor Yuriy Maleta and ESJF Chief Executive Officer Philip Carmel. Lypcha is close to the Romanian border with Ukraine and indeed the ESJF is now beginning projects in some villages on the Romanian side of the border in cooperation with the Romanian Federation of Jewish Communities, a natural extension of our work in this remarkable region.

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