July 31, 2017

Publication of ESJF survey reports in German

The ESJF is delighted to announce the publication of the German versions of last year’s survey reports on the Jewish cemeteries of Lower Silesia in southwest Poland and in the Rivne region of northwest Ukraine. Comprehensive surveys and epigraphical studies took place in these regions last summer, as part of our joint project with the Stuttgarter Lehraus Stiftung, to whom we are very grateful for their support.

Surveys in the regions were coordinated by ESJF team members, including our former research coordinator Khrystyna Shmatok and ESJF Educational Coordinator Natalia Videneeva. We would also like to thank Professor Gil Huttenmeister for his work on the epigraphical study and Ly Krystal for her assistance in the epigraphic studies and in translating the original reports to German.

Some of the surveyed sites have already been fenced this year.

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