Cemetery in Ostroh after construction
Construction of supporting wall
Cemetery in Ostroh before construction

The Jewish cemetery in Ostroh is large, with 45 degree slopes on its northern and eastern sides. The site has been renovated, with gravestones moved to their original positions and concrete panel fencing built on the northern and eastern sides. Fencing on the south side is constructed of wood and concrete, while the western face is still protected by the original brick wall. The site is home to an ohel and a mass grave of Holocaust victims. ESJF noted in the summer of 2015 that a neighbour had unlawfully encroached on the cemetery, causing the collapse of the original fencing on its eastern side, exposing graves and matzevot. The ESJF constructed a 100 metre concrete supporting wall to protect and extend the original barrier. Work at the site was completed in September 2015.