November 28, 2017

Project Proposals Open for 2018

The ESJF has set as our defining objective the protection of the largest possible number of Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe. As of the end of 2017, 102 cemeteries will have been fenced in six countries in three years of activity .

With but three exceptions, all these projects have received full funding from the ESJF from grant funding by the Federal Republic of Germany. The ESJF carefully selects projects which it funds according to standardised criteria, but the most important factors are always the level of threat to the site and the fact that it is generally abandoned and in severe need of fencing.

While we will continue to fully fund fencing projects according to our own criteria, we recognise that there are many hundreds of sites which people would wish us to fence and indeed, we regularly receive inquiries about these sites. In such cases, the ESJF is prepared to consider partial or contributory funding for such projects if other funding is made available.

At all times, we maintain our standardised and transparent procedure of engineering and rabbinical surveys on site, and cost estimates followed by an open tender and contractual process. Where donor monies are made available, payments are spread out across the project. Possibilities exist for such contributory funding with tax deduction facilities in the US and Canada.

We are open to discuss such possibilities in all Central and Eastern European countries. Our guiding principle is that additional donations for specific cemeteries not on our current lists allow the ESJF to utilise more of our own funds to fund cemteries at greatest risk.

If you would like to interest us in a specific project, please contact our office at, stating the local name of the site and contact details. We will then send you an application form to fill out and will consider the project for 2018. Applications need to be received before January 31, 2018.


ESJF cemetery questionnaire

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