November 28, 2017

Project Proposals Open for 2018

The defining objective of the ESJF has always been the protection and preservation of as many Jewish cemeteries in Eastern Europe as possible. At the end of 2017, after 3 years of activity, we have fenced 102 cemeteries across 6 countries.

With only three exceptions, all of these projects have received full funding from the ESJF via the grant provided by the Federal Republic of Germany. The ESJF carefully selects the projects it funds according to standardised criteria, the most important of which are always the severity of the threat to the site, whether it is abandoned, and the urgency of its need for fencing.

While we will continue to adhere to these criteria when choosing which projects to fully fund, we realise that there are hundreds of sites which people would like us to fence, about which we regularly receive inquiries. In cases such as these, the ESJF is prepared to consider partial or contributory funding if other funding is made available.

We continue to maintain our transparent procedure of on site engineering and rabbinical surveys, with cost estimates, followed up with an open tender and the start of the contractual process. Where donor monies are made available, payments are spread out across the project. The facilities are in place for contributions to be made tax deductible from the United States and Canada.

We are open to funding in all Central and Eastern European countries. With additional donations for specific countries outside our list, ESJF is able to allocate more of its own funds to the cemeteries at greatest risk.

If you would like to approach us with a specific project, please contact our office at, providing the local name of the site along with contact details. We will then send you an application form to fill out and the project will be considered for 2018. Applications must be submitted before January 31, 2018.


ESJF cemetery questionnaire

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