July 31, 2017

Mass surveys underway in Belarus

ESJF’s surveys in Belarus are now officially underway, in cooperation with the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, with the completion of surveys last week in Volozhyn raion, Minsk oblast.

In total, six cemeteries were visited and documented – Rakov (Ракаў), Volozhin (Валожын), Kamen (Камень), Vishnevo (Вішнева), and two cemeteries in Ivenets (Івянец).

The ESJF survey team also visited the villages of Zakhazhova (Захажава), Byaryava (Бярава), Bryli (Брылі), and Bogdanovo (Багданава), where our historical researchers were able to identify records of Jewish communities. However, our teams were unable to locate Jewish cemeteries in these villages. Following interviews with local inhabitants, it has been determined there were no cemeteries in these villages, and that locals were buried in nearby settlements.

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