August 23, 2017

Local girl’s initiative will see matzevot return to Derazhne Jewish cemetery

With fence construction now very much underway at Derazhne Jewish Cemetery in NW Ukraine, a local initiative has been launched to bring back gravestones which had been removed from the site since the destruction of the Jewish community in the Shoah. The ESJF’s fencing at Derazhne owes itself to a wonderful initiative by local girl Katy Kryvko who approached us shortly after our photo exhibition «Jewish Cemeteries in Ukraine» held at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine last November. Katya told us that there was a Jewish cemetery in her village in a forested area and that it needed fencing. We happily took on that task this year. Together with help from her Katya’s mother Tetyana Kryvko and her teacher, Lyudmila Lanyush, a major effort has been launched among locals to seek out and return the gravestones from parts of the village to the site. Local TV filmed the beginning of works for fencing at Derazhne this week. The fence at Derazhne will be completed before Rosh Hashana. We are very grateful for all the help from Katya, Tatiana and Ludmilla in saving this cemetery and look forward to joining them for the rededication ceremony at the site very soon.

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