July 22, 2022

Information plaque has been installed at Talne Old Jewish Cemetery, Ukraine

We are happy to announce that a plaque has been installed at the Talne Old Jewish Cemetery, Ukraine which was fenced by the ESJF in 2021. The plaque provides a historical overview of the local Jewish community of Talne, which was first mentioned in historical documents at the time of the 1768 pogrom, during which the majority of the community was exterminated by the Haidamaks.

Over the one hundred years which followed, the community rapidly recovered and by the mid-19th century was home to 1,807 Jews. This was largely due to the fact that in 1852 David Tversky (1808-1882), one of the sons of Mordechai Tversky, leader of the Chernobyl branch of the Hasidic movement, based his residence in Talne. A separate Hasidic trend grew up around this – Talne Hasidism (Tolna, in Yiddish), and the town became a center of pilgrimage for its followers. After the death of David of Talne in 1882, Hasidic pilgrims visited his grandson, Menachem Nahum (1869-1916), until the emigration of the Talne Hasidic court in the early 20th century. The legacy of the Hasidic Tolna movement lives on in its supporters and descendants, who still form powerful communities in Israel and the United States today.

The Talne Old Jewish Cemetery is thought to have existed by the early 19th century. Today it has a few dozen preserved tombstones, the oldest of which is dated 1825 and the latest 1899. It also contains the tomb of Rabbi David of Talne and thus remains a place of significance to pilgrims!

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