February 8, 2019

First drone survey carried out at the Jewish cemetery in Pyryatyn

8 February, a team of ESJF researchers visited Pyryatyn (Poltava region, Ukraine) to map the perimeter of the local Jewish burial site with a drone.

Back in spring 2017, when when ESJF conducted mass monitoring and initial surveys in Poltava region, our team discovered a burial site with more than 400 graves in Pyryatyn, some matsevot dating from the 19th century.

The site showed signs of vandalism: ESJF colleagues found human bones from an interred grave, which needed immediate reburial. The Kremenchug Rabbi Shlomo Salamon and Yevgeniy Leshchinskiy from Khesed Khaim arranged a minyan, and the bones were reburied in full accordance with the Jewish tradition.

However, the burial site still needs long term protection and fencing, so our colleagues visited Pyryatyn today to resume the work. As soon as the weather permits, we hope to resume work on the ground.

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