March 23, 2022

Fencing work at the Lyuta Jewish cemetery, Ukraine is being organised alongside humanitatian work in the region

Alongside the humanitarian work in Zakarpattia, the ESJF team has also managed to organise a fencing project at the Lyuta Jewish cemetery, which is located in a mountainous region close to the Ukrainian border with Slovakia. Clearing and fencing preparations have already begun. The team is hoping to start fencing work as soon as possible. We are glad to be able to continue to support the community which we have long standing close connections and history with. This has contributed to the ESJF fencing a total of 54 Jewish cemeteries in the region over the past years. We are deeply saddened to witness what is happening in Ukraine and are grateful for the relationships we have developed with local people. Since this work had been planned long before the outbreak of war and the region is still relatively safe, we decided to go ahead with this project in order to continue to provide work and contribute to the local economy in these dire times.

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