October 27, 2017

ESJF surveyors visit sites in Belarus in preparation for 2018 projects as first winter snows hit the country

As we finish our groundbreaking national report on the Jewish cemeteries of Belarus, ESJF engineer Gregory Arshynov and Halachic surveyor Rabbi Abraham Ginsberg were out in the field this week, checking boundaries and performing geodesic studies on sites across the country. With snowfall promising a particularly early winter this year, it appears they made it just in time.

This week alone, visits were made to 16 cemeteries: Smilovichi in the Chervyen District, Minsk Oblast; Ivyanets in the Minsk District, Minsk Oblast; Klezk in the Klezk District, Minsk Oblast; Bobovnya, Timkovichi, and Grozovo in the Kapyl District, Minsk Oblast; Lypen and Svysloch in the Asipovichy District, Mohilev Oblast; Tikhinichi, Pobolovo, Rogachev, Sverzhen, and Stariye Zhurivichi in the Rahachow District, Gomel Oblast; and finally Gorval Vasilevichi and Wetka in the Rechytsa District, Gomel Oblast.

The data gathered from this year’s national survey will be put to immediate practical use, with fencing projects slated to begin on many of these sites as early as spring 2018.

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