October 17, 2018

ESJF starts projects in Ukrainian Transcarpathia

Straddling the borders of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, Ukrainian Transcarpathia has been a major focus of ESJF’s projects since 2015, with over 30 fencing projects completed in the region.

Prior to the Shoah, almost every town and village in this mountainous region was home to a Jewish community. The density of Jewish cemeteries here is likely the highest of any region in Europe.

The ESJF has launched fencing projects this week in the following Zakarpatia cemeteries: Chepa, Chornotysiv, Tekovo, Fanchikovo, Shyroke, Matiyovo, Nove Selo, Fertesholmash and Dyakovo in the Vinogradiv region, Bohdan in the Rakhiv region, and Perechin.

Chornotysiv Jewish Cemetery
Nove Selo Jewish Cemetery
Nyzhni Stanivtsi Jewish Cemetery
Sasovo Jewish Cemetery
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