March 4, 2019

ESJF launching conference marks the beginning of large-scale survey work and cooperation

Participants from across Central and Eastern Europe took part in a two-day conference in Bratislava on 25-26 February, kicking off a mass survey project co-funded by the European Union, to map out Jewish cemeteries in communities wiped out in the Holocaust.

The seminar, where participants examined new methodologies in historical research and on site field surveys, brought together partner organisations and experts from the five target countries – Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine – as well as participants from Hungary, Romania and Poland.  Maciej Hofman from the DG Education and Culture from the European Commission opened the event, followed by ESJF colleagues’ introduction. 

On Monday, national representatives discussed legal, institutional and practical contexts, as well as strategies to sustainably and meaningfully incorporate Jewish cemeteries into local heritage. The following day, participants joined the ESJF team on a field trip to two Jewish cemeteries in Western Slovakia, Reca, for a drone demonstration.

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