November 16, 2016

ESJF & KAS event: Photo exhibition “Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine” in Kyiv, Ukraine

The launch of our photo exhibition, “Jewish Cemeteries in Ukraine”, at the Дипломатична академія України при МЗС України in Kyiv, was a great success. Attendees included Dr. Ernst Reichel, Ambassador from the German Embassy in Kiev; Israeli Ambassador Eli Belotsercovsky; and Ambassador for the United States, Marie L. Yovanovitch.

We are very grateful to the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ukraine (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung) for putting the event together.

Philip Carmel
Gbriele Bauman
Dr. Gerhard Wahlers
Yosif Zissels
Dr. Ernts Reichel
Eli Belotsercovsky
Tatiana Mazur
Oleksandr Sukhoruk
Oksana Prodan
Solidarnist Youth
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