June 30, 2017

ESJF inspects Jewish Cemeteries in Lyubavichi (Lubavitch) in first step towards fencing projects

An ESJF projects team including rabbinical and engineering inspectors led by FSU Projects Director Yana Yanover, ESJF Technical Officer Ihor Travianko and Rabbi Avrohom Ginsberg by CPJCE (London, UK) last week visited the two Jewish cemeteries in Lyubavichi (Lubavitch), a small village in the Rudnya district of Smolensk oblast in Western Russia. Lyubavichi was home to the first rabbis of the Chabad movement and is the burial site of the third and fourth leaders of the famous hasidic dynasty. Both cemeteries require urgent fencing. The sites were fully inspected by the ESJF team who were also accompanied by Chabad’s special shaliach for the village, Rabbi Gordon Gavriel Lubavitch-Moscow. The ESJF is partnering with Geder Avos Jewish Heritage Group under the direction of Rabbi Moshe Rubin. We look forward to starting work on these sites shortly. Meetings were also held with local authority officials in order to secure full planning permission, the first stage towards construction work.

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