July 27, 2021

ESJF Continues Educational Series With Visit to Illintsi

We are pleased to report that our educational team carried out another successful event on July 20th, in the town of Illintsi, in the Vinnytsia Oblast of Ukraine.

The event took place in the Illintsi City Multimedia Library, where ESJF Educational Projects Officer Dr Alexandra Fishel gave a lecture on the Jewish heritage of the region, the history of the local cemetery, and the proper techniques for reading and dating Hebrew epitaphs. After this, Dr Fishel led the participants on an expedition to the Illintsi Jewish cemetery, which was fenced by ESJF in 2020 with the generous support of the Auswartiges Amt Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Many thanks to Mayor Vladimir Nikolaevich Yashchuk for his support, as well as Victoria Viktorivna Nastich, Director of the Illintsi Local History Museum; local historian Olga Grigorivna Rudnik; and to everyone else who attended and made the event such a success!

This event was part of ESJF’s educational series, “Heritage Space: Jewish Cemetery and Urban History”, funded by the Auswartiges Amt Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Over the coming months, our educational team will continue to visit the towns and villages around Europe where ESJF has installed fencing in order to tell locals the story of their local Jewish cemetery and encourage them to engage in its preservation.

We look forward to keeping you updated on their journey!

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