October 11, 2018

ESJF conducting surveys in Volyn region

As part of our mission to collect on the ground data on the state of Jewish cemeteries across Europe, the ESJF is surveying cemeteries this week in the Volyn region of North-Western Ukraine.

Prior to the Holocaust, this region was full of thriving Jewish communities for centuries. Surveys in the region are being led by Ian Galevskii, ESJF Western Ukraine Coordinator.

These initial surveys serve to establish the current threats each site is facing, allowing ESJF to prioritise its new fencing projects in the coming months.

Information is sent directly from the field to our central hub in Kiev, where it is stored online and consulted when preparing for more detailed onsite visits with halachic inspectors and engineers, and later used to draw up construction plans for fencing the sites.

Horohiv Cemetery
Rozhysche Cemetery
Staryy Chartoryisk Old Cemetery
Zhuravnyky Cemetery
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