October 9, 2018

ESJF announces new fencing projects in the Czech Republic and Serbia

The ESJF is pleased to announce new fencing projects in the Czech Republic and Serbia.

Fencing will commence shortly at the Horazdovice Jewish cemetery in the Plzen region in the southwest of the Czech Republic. This area was home to a Jewish community from at least the time of the 30 years war, in the 17th century. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the Federation of Jewish Communities in CR (Federace židovských obcí v ČR).

Meanwhile, projects are also set to commence at the Jewish cemeteries in Bac, Coka, Novo Milosevo, and Novi Becej in the Vojvodina region of Northern Serbia. These projects are being carried out in cooperation with our local partners at the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia.

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