October 26, 2020

Education Event Takes Place in Perechyn, Zakarpattia

We are pleased to report that our educational event, “Heritage Space: Jewish Cemetery and Urban History”, took place on Friday the 23rd of October in Perechyn, Zakarpattia.

The event, which was held for historians, teachers, and locals with an interest in Jewish heritage, was hosted at the Perechyn Local Lore Museum. Olena Andronatiy delivered a lecture about local Jewish cemeteries and their potential as tourist sites, the importance of studying and preserving Jewish heritage for future generations, and the practice of preserving Jewish cemeteries in the modern world. Afterwards, Olena led the participants on a guided tour of the Perechyn Jewish cemetery, where attendees were shown how to read the inscriptions on Jewish tombstones.

We would like to thank the Auswärtiges Amt Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany for funding this event, as well as the Perechyn Local Lore Museum for hosting.

Special thanks also to the Perechyn local council for their support, and to Perechyn Mayor Ivan Pogorilyak; Starosa of Zarichevo, Oksana Petrova; and Storasta of Simer, Volodymyr Buhay for attending!

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