September 14, 2020

Clearance Work Takes Place at Kremenets’ Jewish Cemetery

We would like to thank the Kremenets’ mayor’s office, and the employees of the state-run maintenance company Kremenetsblagoustryi, for their efforts last week to clean the Kremenets’ Jewish cemetery.

With an estimated 3,000 graves on the site, it is one of the oldest and largest Jewish cemeteries Ukraine. In 2017, with funding from the Federal Republic of Germany, the cemetery was the focus of a special project by ESJF, in which a new wall and gate erected by ESJF were designed to replicate the original, keeping the unique character of the site intact. The cemetery has since become overgrown with vegetation, posing a risk to the tombstones. However, thanks to these new protective efforts, it is again safe.

This is an excellent example of how taking protective steps at a cemetery site can have a cumulative effect, and we are delighted to see the local authorities taking such initiative in preserving their own Jewish heritage. Ultimately, this sort of proactive attitude towards preservation is exactly what we hope to encourage in our work.

Special thanks to Mayor Oleksiĭ Kovalchuk; Deputy Mayor Mykola Matvinuk; Igor Homin, head of Kremenetsblagoustryi; and all of their staff for helping to preserve this vital part of the Ternopil’s heritage.

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