September 15, 2017

Cemetery rededication in Minsk Mazowiecki

This Wednesday, a ceremony was held to mark the construction of a new fence at the Jewish cemetery in Minsk Mazowicki, near Warsaw. Chairman of the ESJF Advisory Board and former Justice Minister of the State of Israel Dr. Yossi Beilin gave an address at the moving event. Fellow board member Daniela Beilin was also in attendance.

Also addressing the gathering were Chief Rabbi of Poland, Rabin Michael Schudrich; Anna Chipczyńska, president of the Jewish community of Warsaw; and Nikola Gilhoff, from the German foreign ministry, along with various other diplomatic and local representatives. Local schoolchildren also participated in the ceremony.

The second joint project between the ESJF and the Jewish Community of Warsaw (Gmina Żydowska w Warszawie), the fence at Minsk Mazowiecki was completed last year. We would like to extend our gratitude to Monika Kajalidis from the Warsaw community, who organised and chaired this poignant event and worked closely with us on the fencing project.

Before the war, Minsk Mazowiecki was a prominent Jewish community in the Warsaw region. The Nazis installed a ghetto in the town which was liquidated on August 21, 1942, with the Jews sent to Treblinka.

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