Cemetery in Parysow after construction
Cemetery in Parysow before construction

The village of Parysów was founded in the 16th century and was originally called Siećcza. The date of the founding of the Jewish cemetery in Parysów is not known, but burials were taking place there by the mid-19th century. Jews comprised more than 50% of the town population in the interwar years. Parysów was the seat of a Chassidic dynasty and the Jewish cemetery, which included an ohel for local tzaddiks, became a destination for religous pilgrims. Locals remember the cemetery as having been fenced by wooden boards affixed to brick pillars. The cemetery was devasted during WWII and afterward by the local population which used the remaining headstones for building materials. Fragments can still be found today in nearby barns and outbuildings. The cemetery includes an unmarked mass grave of Jews awaiting deportation that were shot on-site by the Nazis.