October 27, 2017

ESJF surveyors visit sites in Belarus in preparation for 2018 projects as first winter snows hit the country

As we finish off our groundbreaking national report on the Jewish cemeteries of Belarus, ESJF engineer Gregory Arshynov and Halachic surveyor Rabbi Avraham Ginsberg were already out in the field this week, checking boundaries and performing geodesic studies on sites across the country. It appears they made it just in time, with snow already falling in what promises to be a particularly early start to winter this year. Sites visited this week included 16 cemeteries: Smilovichi in Chervyen District, Minsk Oblast, Ivyanets in Minsk District, Minsk Oblast, Klezk in Klezk District, Minsk Oblast, Bobovnya, Timkovichi and Grozovo in Kapyl District, Minsk Oblast, Lypen and Svysloch in Asipovichy District, Mohilev Oblast, Tikhinichi, Pobolovo, Rogachev, Sverzhen and Stariye Zhurivichi in Rahachow District, Gomel Oblast, Gorval Vasilevichi and Wetka in Rechytsa District, Gomel Oblast. Many of these sites will see fence construction as from spring 2018, a fitting and immediate practical application of the national survey and our research work this year.

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